Christine Lynne Stormer-Fryer SRN. SCM. HV. Dip R
Author and Principal of the Academy of Universal Healing and Health

Passed from generation to generation, reflexology is an ancient, non-invasive therapy with countless interpretations and numerous approaches – yet all effectively meet the ever-changing myriad of human requirements. This most proficient and effective healing tool – along with compassion and encouragement it engenders – is required now – more than ever – with so much abuse and trauma.

Privileged to channel through the all-embracing gentler Universal Approach to Reflexology in 1988 many complained – yes complained – that they got better too quickly! In those days more time was required to process! Now, with energies speeding up – along with the urge for instant gratification – this Divine Approach is coming into its own. As the feet are gently encompassed through a light yet thorough and highly effective massage – mind, body and soul are lovingly nurtured.

Meanwhile bodily parts harmonise and are encouraged to return to peak performance. During the hour-long massage, the client drifts into a blissfully deep relaxation – known as the alpha state of consciousness – also attained through meditation and prayer – creating the most favourable internal environment for natural healing.  Pent-up tension gradually seeps from the body to be replaced by essential life force energies. As these are liberally distributed throughout, body’s cells become restored and rejuvenated – literally brought back to life. With millions of worn out cells being replaced every second, new lively cells can grow and develop in a now naturally healthy environment.

Once free from the depths of depression, confused thoughts and entrapped emotions, it is possible to stand on one’s own two feet. With renewed enthusiasm it is so much easier to confidently step ahead joyfully fulfilling the soul’s purpose on the earth plane. The sense of achievement continually stimulates and recharges body, mind and soul – essential for self–acceptance, self-empowerment and increased immunity. Taking reflexology a step further is the Language of the Feet. Through insights gained from understanding the myriad of messages so clearly displayed on the feet, the richness of life’s experiences can be enjoyed to the full.