Chris hosts exclusive local and international retreats to rejuvenate the soul and to reconnect with the magic within. These amazing retreats are an opportunity for her intrepid guests to reacquaint themselves with a land full of ancient wisdom and timeless beauty, our beloved Mama Africa – also to experience the rich, natural cultures of various regions.

Set in the scenic, quiet mountains of the Waterberg – in nature’s true paradise – Kingfisher Country Estate is the ideal venue for retreats. A Divine Space for restoring the Soul with its fruit orchards white painted thatch cottages and homely farm décor there’s a feeling of beauty, home, happiness, and love. The tasty home-made vegetarian meals after peaceful walks over sub-terrain crystal caverns – exchanges of valuable information – rediscovering the importance of just being – enjoying intimate companionship – are all part of this wonderful experience.

There is also a delightful outdoor ‘Chapel in the enchanting Woods’ with Mother Nature providing an idyllic setting. The first wedding here was televised for the popular program ‘Four Weddings’ on SABC – a truly memorable and magical day!


Explore the magic and mystery of Africa at our rejuvenating African Soul Retreat.

Learn about sustainable living, visit a local lion sanctuary and experience elephants in the wild. Reconnect and relax.


Share the healing magic of dolphins.

With the amazing Chris and mystical Courtney Ward from Halo Gaia. Enjoy the bliss of being at one with nature in gorgeous Mozambique. Truly an experience of a life time in a rustic, natural setting!


An exciting and innovative approach to well-being, Perma-Health.

Chris combines her expertise in an innate understanding of permaculture, nature and its elements, to reconnect with the ‘grass roots’ of being human for a greater and more comprehensive appreciation of life.


After spending the past weekend, at Chris’ Kingfisher Organic Farm, in the Waterberg, attending her Feet Retreat, I thoroughly, recommend & endorse beloved Chris’ presentation, communication & highly professional medical / paramedical, and especially her metaphysical / channelling skills.

Set in Nature’s own paradise, with rolling hills in the background, and cute thatch buildings still keep the essence of a old farm from bygone days…this retreat gave us jaded city folk, a taste of pure Magic! We promise to be back to once again gaze at the millions of bright, sparkling stars and the Milky Way. What a spectacular weekend! Many blessings for the fantastic work you are doing for humanity. I can recommend your jewel in the Waterberg without hesitation. All of us experienced a miraculous transformation during the time at Kingfisher Farm!

Roberta Sabbioni

Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional

Chris‘s hearty welcome at Kingfisher Farm in the Waterberg let me feel at home immediately. The Farm lies in the scenic and quiet mountains of the Waterberg. Set in nature’s true paradise, with an orchard of various fruit, white painted thatch cottages and homely farm décor bestow a feeling of beauty, home, happiness, and love.

Chris showed us around and invited us to have breakfast and relax before starting the workshop. We savoured healthy, tasty vegetarian meals prepared by Chris and our chef Brenda, walked in the beautiful nature on the farm, exchanging valuable information, rediscovered the importance of our feet and very important to me, enjoyed intimate companionship.

Happy Guest

Chris passionately shared her experience and knowledge. Our feet tell the story of our life, help to create awareness of what is going on at the foundation of our body and act like a health barometer.

The feet inherit the impression of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state. Amazingly, feet can change their size and shape, show bend toes where the toes were straight before, let us feel pain from one minute to another, as we experience life.

All participants were taking turns enjoying a footbath with Epsom salt followed by a special foot rub prepared individually from a selection of coarse salt, lavender, ginger, Rooibos Tea and olive oil. We all took turns observing and reading feet and took note of changing color, hard skin, impressions, lines and position of feet, with Chris teaching us.

Happy Guest

“Every journey we take in life begins with but a single footstep!

Feet are constantly relaying vital messages to us, the urgency of which becomes increasingly evident when feeling overwhelmed, overburdened or taken advantage of!”

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