Affectionately known as the ‘Universal Foot Lady’, Chris Stormer-Fryer, is renowned globally for her innovative and pioneering spirit. Her more wholistic approach to healing makes sure that natural remedies keep pace with the phenomenal strides of human evolvement.

A sought after keynote speaker and presenter in Natural Healing and Health, Chris is considered a world authority in these subjects. Having appeared in numerous international newspapers and magazines, as well as being a popular guest on television and radio worldwide, Chris considers it to be an absolute honour and privilege to have any opportunity to share the fascinating Universal insights – entrusted to her – far and wide.

In 1987, Chris stepped from ten years in medicine – in both the United Kingdom and United States of America – into into the then little-known realm of reflexology as an absolute sceptic – her initial reaction was to ‘back away’ as fast as possible!

It was the worldwide media coverage, on television and radio, as well as frequent articles in newspapers and magazines that kept Chris on the Universal path bringing about the realisation that she is a vital link between orthodox and natural healing.

In 2000, and again in 2009, Chris had hoped to ‘put her feet up’ to write more books, but the requests for her to continue presenting the phenomenal Universal wisdom grew so much that her presentations are now more popular than ever!

Chris realises that her soul journey is only just beginning, despite having already encouraged thousands of individuals worldwide to ‘stand on their own two feet’!

As the demand for more books and courses increases, Chris is delighted to share the wealth of universal knowledge that certainly adds incredible value to the meaning of life.

This amazing lady also loves swimming with wild dolphins and whales – for several years she facilitated dolphin swims in Hawaii, but now only does so with Courtney Ward, of Halo Gaia, in Mozambique – together they host the ‘Magical Dolphin Safari’. Also passionate about sharing the ancient wisdom and timeless beauty of Africa, Chris – along with husband John – host ‘African Soul Safaris’ at their enchanting Country Estate in the Waterberg – known to be one of South Africa’s best kept secrets!

In 2004, Chris’s family home in Rivonia, Johannesburg, was converted into a beautiful health sanctuary called ‘Good Vibrations’, offering Divine Space for healing therapies, consultations, seminars, self-empowering workshops, kids yoga, belly dancing and so much more!

Every year Chris enthusiastically shares on-going insight into healing and health, bringing mind, body and spirit to life in a meaningful, light-hearted manner. With the current acceleration of Universal energies deliberately throwing individuals ‘off their feet’, many believe they must have been ‘out of their minds’ to ever have ‘set foot on earth’! Yet this is an exceptionally exciting, albeit confusing and frustrating, time to be on this amazing planet. It’s a privilege to be a part of the rapid changes presently taking place. Chris, a vibrant source of energy, is notorious for her fabulously up-beat and innovative presentations. The only way to find out more is to attend one her hugely popular presentations somewhere in the world.

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"Every journey we take in life begins with but a single footstep!

Feet are constantly relaying vital messages to us, the urgency of which becomes increasingly evident when feeling overwhelmed, overburdened or taken advantage of!”

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