The characteristics of hair on the head provide vital information of the way in which individuals think. The speed at which it grows indicates the pace at which personal ideas and concepts develop – its condition mirrors conditions placed upon the formulation of thoughts. – the material reveals the type of thinker from the compassionate to those with strong opinions. Here are some suggestions of what hair types indicate.

Coarse hair – strong, definite thoughts with a tendency to be harsh or brusque – occasional unrefined notions can sometimes become unmanageable

Curly hair – either curl up in a ball in the hope of never having to express an opinion because of having so many going around in the mind – or keep ideas to oneself – even twist or bend notions – likely to go round in circles to make up the mind thinking in a roundabout way – may even twist details to fit into their way out ways of thinking

Fine hair – refined and elegant with little or no need for ‘meaty’ or unpleasant details

Grey hair – continual worry, concern and anxiety drain the hair of its colour- inherent tendency to be concerned over matters there is no control over –  own vibrant concepts have over time been replaced  with other opinions to fit into business belief systems -or to please others – especially controlling and dominant members of the family.

Hard hair – difficulty or awkwardness in bringing through one’s own thoughts usually because of constantly being put to the test

Long hair -a way of grounding highly spiritual Souls -otherwise a need to control from a distance -or conversely preferring others to be in charge – then again there may be the probability of going to great lengths to explain oneself

Perm – voluntarily keeping opinions and ideas to oneself rather than step out of line.

Short hair – conservative – possibly old fashioned – or trying to fit in – or quick to get to the point – a quick thinker

Soft hair – a gentle approach that may require more ‘oomph’ and greater believe in oneself

Spunky hair – highly spirited individual not afraid to stand out in a crowd

Straight hair – goes straight to the point – doesn’t tolerate non-sense – enjoys straightening out ideas.

Thick hair – either full of magnificent ideas but generally overprotective of one’s personal way of thinking

Thinning hair – extreme frustration at not being able to get one’s point across – ‘pulling the hair out’ – or going through highly exasperating times

Wavy hair – series of ideas need focus and direction because of the tendency to weave in and out to avoid making an issue use gesticulations and signals to get their point across and / or like to set the example for others to do the same.

Interestingly, Africans and their relative counterparts worldwide – being so highly spiritual – have been suppressed and – until recently – forced to recoil and keep their incredible wisdom and opinions close to the head – hence their tight curly coarse hair. Many now straighten and / or colour their hair highlighting the changes that are taking place.

God said in His word that every hair on your head is counted… so if your hair is deurmekaar today… don’t worry; it’s just an angel doing stock take!