Qualifying as a Reflexology Practitioner in 1987, didn’t change Chris’s scepticism. She remained unimpressed! After all, what was the point of subjecting clients to further pain when they were already hurting? It went against all her nursing instincts, so she decided not to pursue this avenue of healing – that is until the Universe stepped in with its own ideas!

Begged by clients to give reflexology treatments, Chris reluctantly gave in and was absolutely astounded at the benefits being experienced – especially when a lighter touch was applied. Without realising it, she was channelling through the Universal Approach to Reflexology – despite having absolutely no idea what ‘channelling’ actually was!

At the time Reflexology was relatively unknown, so the media were curious. It wasn’t long before Chris was being regularly interviewed on radio and television, and frequently featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles– initially in South Africa, then eventually worldwide.

When Chris founded the Reflexology Academy of Southern Africa in 1990, strict sanctions were being imposed on South Africa – yet within six months the Academy gained international attention and recognition.

Feeling that there was a lot more to Reflexology and feet, Chris explored a realm of other healing modalities such as Reiki, crystal healing, colour therapy, kinesiology, aura reading, complementary health care, iridology, lymphology, touch for health, face reflexology, Feng Shui, precious stones, soul rescue and reconnection therapy, pet reflexology, to mention but a few.

Amidst all these learnings was Lazarus’s tapes, with the one on chakras giving Chris incredible insight into the emotional and spiritual aspects of health. She soon realised that vital clues as to what was really ‘a-foot’ in an individual’s life could be attained by observing the ever-changing characteristics of the feet. Unwittingly Chris had stumbled upon and reconnected with the wisdom of the ‘Language of the Feet’.

Dismissed by many as utterly ridiculous, her proposal publication was immediately rejected by her publishers, Hodder and Stoughton, UK – the original 600 page manuscript wasn’t even given a first, let alone second, glance! It took another five years of knocking on doors of publishing houses throughout the world before Hodders published a much-altered version of the ‘Language of the Feet’ in 1995 – yet it was a start, bringing the concept into some people’s cognitive radar! Re-written and published again in 2007, the book has remained on book shelves ever since.

Chris has given numerous presentations the world since 1992, with the very last one being in Japan in 2012 – or so she thought!  She was invited back to the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand! She is now passionately focused on completing several books before returning to the world circuit in 2019!

"Every journey we take in life begins with but a single footstep!

Feet are constantly relaying vital messages to us, the urgency of which becomes increasingly evident when feeling overwhelmed, overburdened or taken advantage of!”

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