Christine Lynne Stormer-Fryer SRN. SCM. HV. Dip R
Author and Principal of the Academy of Universal Healing and Health

My medical background and initial scepticism blinded me to the tremendous potential of reflexology and the feet. This cynicism served me well. I questioned, questioned, questioned. Soon after channelling through the ‘Universal Approach to Feet’ in 1989, I was entrusted with future Universal Insights that soon became known as the Language of the Feet’ – now known by many as ‘Foot Reading’. The vision came through whilst listening to Lazarus’s tapes on Chakras That was in 1991

It soon became evident that there is so much more to feet than first meets the eye!  Not only do they have the remarkable ability to adapt to life’s ups and downs, but through their ever changing characteristics the soles – S-O-L-E-S – reflect the state and potential of the soul – S-O-U-L.

Taking this a step further, feet speak a very clear language of their own – understanding this language allows for early detection of uneasy emotions long before they outwardly manifest as physical dis-ease.  Marks and impressions, combined with other characteristics such as shapes, colouring, skin conditions, markings and the angles of the feet – when walking, standing, sitting or lying – provide valuable clues as to the direction of the mind and whether making the body feel easy or uneasy.

Furthermore, with the toes reflecting the brain, the impact of the multi-dimensional  workings of the mind can be determined to reveal thoughts. The shape of the toes show how concepts take shape, whilst the stature displays the confidence in facing the world and standing up to personal ideas. Soles, on the other hand, reveal how these ideas are put into practice.

Instead of being soul destroyed through lack of faith in our abilities and instead of finding life a series of disappointments, a worthwhile direction is discovered through the feet. Personal accomplishments boost self esteem making individuals feel better and worthwhile, giving value to one’s purpose in life.

The language of the feet offers every practitioners of complementary healing deeper insight and understanding for the sensitive adaptation and application of all healing therapies so that individual needs are met.

I was requested never to franchise or copyright any of this Divine Knowledge so that it could spread freely with LOVE.

Health, the natural state of mind, body and soul, is only two feet away!