Christine Lynne Stormer-Fryer SRN. SCM. HV. Dip R
Author and Principal of the Academy of Universal Healing and Health


Feet play a meaningful role in our journey through life and have done so ever since humans first set foot on earth. Their condition reveals the amount of security, stability and mobility available for personal growth and development, whilst their ever-changing characteristics reveal individual perceptions, as well as deep-seated soul needs and undeveloped potential.

As the ‘spokespersons’ of the body, they contain the biography of a person’s life – along with the amount of progress according to personal attitude, vitality and overall well-being. Instantly mirroring every thought and emotion onto the soles, the state of ease or dis-ease within the soul is displayed. It is these that determine the degree of flexibility, the amount of resilience and the level of tolerance in being able to deal with life’s ups and downs.

The impact of distressing concepts, uneasy feelings and overwhelming situations are highlighted on the feet, as a warning, long before there is physical or chemical havoc within the body – in the hope that appropriate action will be taken for homeostasis to be regained. It is only when these signals are overlooked or ignored that anguish and despair are revealed outwardly as symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression and ultimately dis-ease. With every organ and gland of the body being reflected in the feet in miniature, the condition of each reflex, its vibrancy, colour and skin texture, reveals the Soul’s ability to function efficiently and effectively. For example; hyperactivity – too much energy – results in the related  reflex swelling, whereas hypoactivity – a lack of energy – or the need for space – drains the affected part of its stamina causing the corresponding reflex – both are drawing a desperate need for attention Skin characteristics on the feet reveal the degree of pliability, vulnerability and sensitivity of specific areas, whilst the many different colours match fluctuating moods.

Varying temperatures, due to fluctuating blood flow to the feet, reveal individual temperaments. For instance, feet burn with rage  when heated emotions get the ‘upper hand’. Cold feet, on the other hand, are fearful and reserved causing withdrawal so that a comfortable distance can be maintained from undesirable situations.  Insights gained from baring the SOLES reveal vital clues as to the state of the soul, S-O-U-L and  its innate needs . Knowledge that can be used effectively and sensitively as a means of preventing dis-ease and in the maintenance of health.

For those in the healing profession, these observations provide essential guidelines in determining the most beneficial therapy required by an individual. This is why reflexology is one of the most effective forms of healing and has stood the test of time for many centuries in various cultures and religions worldwide. The feet are ideal bases from which to regain balance and inner harmony.