Every body speaks a very specific language of its own – it does this through ever-changing nuances and characteristics that keep the Soul and soles on track – reminding the spirit within of its authenticity. The time has now come, though, to really listen to what it has to say! In so doing, it’s possible to not only get back in touch with the Divine purpose of the body’s highly intricate and fascinating structure, but also to realise how absolutely essential it is to human existence. The physique soon gets sick and tired of the ‘same old, same old’ and longs for an adventure of a lifetime.

Although it is a particularly confusing time to be on earth, with its exnihilating highs and mystifying lows, it is also a very exciting time! The only reliable way to know what to do is to listen to the body – know what it is saying – with the feet being its outstanding spokespersons revealing the best steps to regain and maintain balance.  Universal insights are an absolute must for those wishing to keep pace with the rapid raising of consciousness. It is also essential for those who wish to step out of the rat race and enjoy a more intuitive and enjoyable approach to life!