Isn’t life amazing? Just when we think we have got it; we have absolutely no idea what on earth is going on! And this is only the beginning of an on-going phase of personal and en-mass confusion and unpredictability!  Never again will life be as we once knew it.

The wave of worldwide chaos, global troubles and general uncertainty – evident ever since the onset of the new century and millennium – is surprisingly intentional – bringing with it unexpected opportunities for extra-ordinary human growth and development – as hard as that is to believe at the moment!

To begin to understand why, let’s remind ourselves that everybody and everything has its own cycle – each intricately intertwined – and a century is no exception. The first 25 years are the century’s spring when new concepts begin to emerge – the second quarter is its summer when these ideas blossom and bloom coming into fruition – followed by 25 years of autumn during which we harvest the rewards-  while the last 25 years are its winter – a time  when things begin to quieten down as old thoughts wither and die.

Think about it! Despite the world wars – or possibly because of them – the greatest inventions of the last century were up until the 1950’s and 1960’s. After this these developments were expanded upon, fine-tuned and sophisticated to suit modern needs. During the remnants of the 20th century’s winter, there were endless upheavals taking on a variety of unexpected forms – the notorious ‘foot and mouth dis-ease’, tragic train crashes, horrific plane disasters as well as a whole series of personal crises. All causing huge uneasiness and a horrifying escalation of dis-ease. – uneasiness within.

So it is  that we have been experiencing a mammoth Universal ‘wake-up call’  – yet the butt is still passed on questioning ‘what are THEY (i.e. the governments) doing about it?’-  instead of ‘what can I do  to make things better?’  The Universe uses extreme measures to get our attention giving us ample opportunities ‘to clean up our own act’. When ignored more dramatic events are used to get us to sit up and pay heed – such as 911 and the tragic death of our much-loved Princess Diana. Drastic steps have once again become the only way to gain global attention.

Universal energies are intentionally ‘knocking us off our feet’ to help us to come ‘to our senses’- to enjoy a more fulfilling and meaningful life free from the concerns and worries that plague us today. How we respond will determine the outcome. Those who resist will experience hell while those who have faith and go with the flow will ultimately discover ‘heaven on earth’.

The reality is that the world is as it is because of us – so we are the only ones able to return it to its natural state of glory and global peace.  To prevent everything coming to a complete standstill and to reduce the growing incidence of disaster and dis-ease it is time to ‘put our own homes and lives in order’ and adopt an on-going positive attitude.

In this way, hidden talents and unbelievable resourcefulness will be rediscovered raising en masse consciousness. It may all seem rather Utopia-ish, but what is the alternative? The continual destruction of ourselves and the planet? Not for me! I would rather tune into the Universal wavelength and ask for Divine guidance for unbelievable insights on offer.

The choice is ours. Heaven or hell?



Just think of how often the word ‘sick’ is used.  ‘They make me ‘sick!’, ‘The weather makes me ‘sick!’; ‘I’m ‘sick’ of being treated like dirt!’, ‘I’m ‘sick’ of my job!’ ‘That food is enough to make any body ‘sick!’, ‘The mere thought of it makes me ‘sick!’

It’s no wonder that there is so much sickness on this planet – every time the body is fed with these sickening notions it reluctantly takes them on board. Words once uttered are an incredibly powerful force having an extremely profound impact.  Like a boomerang the target is the source – the more forcefully it is dished out, the more intensely it comes back – and that’s enough to make anybody sick!

Being ‘sick’ is the body’s way of getting attention to what is upsetting it so something worthwhile is done to make things better. Rather than bemoaning this self-inflicted predicament, rejoice at having a fantastic opportunity to get better at participating in the human race – the winners being those courageous enough to stand out and be unique!

The trick is to know what the body is saying in order to know exactly what is going on at a much deeper level – then work out what to do about it!

Remember those terrible moments of feeling humiliated, crushed and devastated in the aftermath of cruel, harsh comments that go the very core – leaving the Soul feeling inexplicably flat, extremely demotivated and unusually distressed? Think now of the delicious feelings evoked by kind words that have the propensity to elate flagging spirits – even to boost a battered self-esteem.

So take time to under-stand why – for example – the body gets ‘sick to the stomach’. Once the ‘history’– the ‘hi’-‘STORY’ – of prior events  are uncovered the answers are surprisingly simple and the solutions may simply require a nice healthy dose of common sense!