Any body can channel because every body IS a channel! Every time we ‘think’ we are a channel as we run the ideas through our systems! Every time we ‘breathe’ we are a channel!  Every time we ‘eat’ we are a channel!  But it’s being an effective channel that makes a world of difference! Now’s the time to bridge the gap between the seemingly real and the utterly implausible – but we do need to go literally go out of our minds! This is the only way to gather unbelievable Universal wisdom and guidance that can take humanity to even greater heights of being! By venturing beyond bounds of convention and tapping into the libraries of divine knowledge, our spirits are freed from fearful self-imposed limitations.

Life becomes more meaningful and, despite accelerating chaos in the world around us, our creativity is greatly enhanced. Suddenly anything and everything, even the most frightful difficulties, become such exciting and amazing possibilities! Channelling is an innate gift that is every body’s birth right! It really is time for us all to bring heaven to earth through channelling!