Every year Chris enthusiastically shares on-going insight into healing and health, bringing mind, body and spirit to life in a meaningful, light-hearted manner. With the current acceleration of Universal energies deliberately throwing individuals ‘off their feet’, many believe they must have been ‘out of their minds’ to ever have ‘set foot on earth’! Yet this is an exceptionally exciting, albeit confusing and frustrating, time to be on earth. It’s a privilege to be a part of the rapid changes presently taking place. Chris, a vibrant source of energy, is notorious for her fabulously up-beat and innovative presentations. The only way to find out more is to attend one her hugely popular presentations and/or seminars somewhere in the world.

Lokinwi Festival Talk


14 September 2019

Although it is a particularly confusing time to be on earth, it is also very exciting! The increased acceleration of Universal energies are intentionally ‘knocking the body off its feet’ – a wake-up call of note to encourage everybody to evolve for extra-ordinary progress. With even greater upheavals predicted, it is good to be in a healthy position and know what to do.

Health has become a numerical concept – a tendency to quantify well-being into easily understandable figures, with numbers ascribed to virtually every aspect of wellbeing from the qualities of food to fitness levels. – yet it really cannot be defined by statistics alone.

Focus on the contentiousness of these figures – especially when it comes the social pressure of measuring up to peers and role models – constantly diverts attention away from the true essence of being healthy.

Despite tremendous strides in technological, intellectual and social advancements during the last century, it’s ironic that there is more distress, depression, confusion, anger and dis-ease today than ever before.

No matter how much standards are improved or how many laws are imposed, the situation continues to deteriorate. As circumstances becomes progressively intolerable, allergies and food intolerances rise dramatically. 

Many have lost sight of the ‘answers that lie within’.

‘Stress’ is frequently blamed, but it is the energy generated by ‘dis-stress-ing’ circumstances that invariably complicates matters. After all, ‘stress’ is essential to human development – a vital step to outstanding success.

Pointing fingers not only make matters worse – it puts otherwise manageable situations way beyond reach!

Understanding the memories and beliefs responsible for the unhealthy patterns that constantly cause pain, distress the mind, sicken the body and disturb the soul – puts things into perspective.

Every body speaks a very specific language of its own with ever-changing nuances drawing attention to what upsets it and makes it sick.

The time has come to really listen to what the body has to say! To become reacquainted with its highly intricate and fascinating structure. To intuitively gauge relative healthfulness without using equipment.

When healthy, mind, body and soul are buoyant and energetic. Movement becomes a source of joy. Sitting, standing, walking, and bending are all easily achieved as joints and organs function competently.

In turn, the mind typically entertains and feeds the body with healthy, wholesome thoughts. With such mental clarity  it is so much easier to focus on personal well-being with every bodily fibre vibrantly sending signals of wellness throughout.

Yes, the ‘world IS a stage’ with everybody having an active part to play! Recognising specific roles, it’s possible to understand why and how other actors and actresses bring out the worst and the best when performing – while changes of scene can create completely different scenarios!

It is time to ‘lighten up’ – to take life and others less seriously – to gain the most out of every moment.  Even when in a desperately poor position, to confidently draw on inner resources knowing that the wealth of comprehension gained from this enriching experience makes life even more worthwhile.

Just standing up and taking full responsibility for everything that happens in life enhances self-esteem and substantially boosts inner strength. A truly amazing and empowering opportunity to overcome anything and everything!

Listening to the body is an absolute must for those wishing to keep pace with the rapid rise in consciousness. It is also essential for those who wish to step out of the rat race and enjoy a more intuitive approach to being alive!

Health is the foundation for an abundant life!

Johannesburg Presentation


5 October 2019

Cape Town Presentation


9 November 2019

"Every journey we take in life begins with but a single footstep!

Feet are constantly relaying vital messages to us, the urgency of which becomes increasingly evident when feeling overwhelmed, overburdened or taken advantage of!”

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