Connecting to Ancient Earth Wisdom Retreat


I invite the I AM that is you, to embrace the sacredness of every moment, supported by your personal Spirit Guardians – Ancestors, Angels, Animals and Plants.

Are you looking for a fresh start, or a deepening of your journey that connects you to your soul purpose and calling?

Join us on this exclusive retreat and Journey with Spirit at the beautiful Kingfisher Country Estate, Bela Bela, just a 2 hour drive from Johannesburg. Experience a weekend of Divine healing and empowerment as you connect to Ancient Earth Wisdom, supported by your unique Divine Guardians – Angels, Ancestors and Animals. Journey to meet your team and call your power home. Be present to your Earth Walk, and commit to stepping into your gifts by opening to Spirit and embracing the Sacredness of every moment.

Shelley Adams invites you to “Journey with Spirit”

8 – 10 February 2019

The retreat includes journeying to the beat of the drum, visualisation, meditation and personal insight. Connect deeply with nature In this Sacred space in the quiet mountains of the Waterberg, As you wander these Ancient Lands, feel the support of Mother Nature and the Old Ones. Feel too, how the elements heal and guide our Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental bodies. .

​​Journey with Spirit is based on the teachings of the Sacred Medicine Wheel. Experience your unique journey with Fire, Water, Earth and Air at your own pace, receiving messages and assistance from your personal Divine team of Guides. Find your own tools that open the way for you to step into your unique gifts.

Arrive lunchtime, Friday 8th, leave lunchtime Sunday 10th.


“Shelley created a beautiful, custom Medicine Bag for my young son, journeying with him to find his spirit animals, which she then painted onto his hand-made leather pouch. He found this very empowering and helpful at a difficult time in his life, and his Medicine Bag is a treasured, magical talisman to him.

Shelley has supported and mentored me through major life changes and challenges, always in her grounded, open-hearted, non-judgmental way. She offers a patient ear, gentle guidance, wisdom and clear-sighted honesty. Shelley works with integrity, clarity and consciousness, beautifully holding space and inspiring those around her, – a teacher, healer and a blessing in my life.”

Gill O’Sullivan

“‘I am honored to call Shelley my friend and facilitator of personal transformation for many years now.  I visited her in her beautiful studio in Hermanus and had the privilege of a private consultation through the teachings of the medicine wheel.  Finding appropriate language to describe the experience of transformation, healing and growth through the medicine wheel teachings is challenging and words elude me. With Shelley’s divinely inspired guidance and insight on this journey of transformation, it is a truly unique and inspiring experience that left me in awe.  I love my Sacred Soul Journey deck and eagerly await the Sacred Medicine Journey book.”

Madeleine de Klerk

“I met Shelley at exactly the right time and deep in the heart of a magical forest….for a significant shift to start to take place in my thinking and understanding…and it did.  Gently, encouragingly, nurturingly – and with no little humour and laughter – Shelley opened my eyes to the power which lies dormant within me.  I have since attended follow up courses with Shelley and each time my eyes and heart are further opened to the potential which lies within me.  How to make sense of lessons I have been sent.  I am filled with gratitude towards Shelley for so gently and lovingly assisting me.  This she has done and continues to do with her deep knowledge, astuteness and understanding and, above all, great empathy and sensitivity for her fellow humans, her students.  “

Fred Hartman

R3,000 per person sharing ~ R3,300 per person single


All meals. Refreshments, fruit and nuts available at all times
(Please advise us of any dietary requirements)



Pen and paper
Eye masks
Comfy clothing


Guided by Divine Source, Shelley Adams offers workshops, private consultations, journeys and readings (face-to-face and Skype) to support her clients in discovering their personal Medicine Journeys.

Shelley is also the creator of the Sacred Soul Journey deck, a wisdom card pack where the messages from the Divine speak through her unique artworks.


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"Every journey we take in life begins with but a single footstep!

Feet are constantly relaying vital messages to us, the urgency of which becomes increasingly evident when feeling overwhelmed, overburdened or taken advantage of!”

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